Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More research theft from Holocaust Controversies (the criminal hate blog)

Despite the hateful slander attacks against www.HolocaustResearchProject.org, the criminals from the notorius hate blog "Holocaust Controversies" have decided to steal research work from that greate website when it suits their needs.

The criminals:

Nick Terry (an Exeter University Lecturer)
Roberto Muehlenkamp ( a documented bi-polar loon)
Sergey Romanov ( a documented thug and kook )
Andrew E. Mathis ( a proven stalker and thug)

are each and every one of them a hypocrite, and lying sack of shit!

See photo for proof (although Roberto will probably change the link to www.HolocaustResearchProject.org as soon as he realizes we busted him!


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I, Sergey Romanov know I did wrong by attacking the genuine Action Reinhard Camps website! I wrongly attacked the staff and tried to steal their work!

Please forgive me.

-Sergey Romanov